At Troesser & Co., we leverage Project Management Offices (PMOs) to drive excellence in various client scenarios, including restructuring projects.

A PMO is a centralized organizational function responsible for overseeing and optimizing the entire project portfolio, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives, providing transparency on project progress, roadblocks, and financials, and facilitating effective resource allocation, risk management, and decision-making.

We establish standardized project management processes and reporting mechanisms, fostering collaboration among teams, stakeholders, and decision-makers to drive successful and value-driven consulting engagements.

Our PMO service spectrum covers financial target definition through benchmarking, breakdown of targets across divisions and regions, identification of improvement potentials through workshops and analysis, structuring of performance improvement programs, implementation of PMO processes and reporting, interim management with our Head of PMO, personnel training and coaching, critical project management, steering committee setup and facilitation, and support in selecting and implementing project tracking software.

Troesser & Co.’s PMO services are the cornerstone of effective project management, ensuring your initiatives align with strategic goals and consistently deliver outstanding results.

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