& Transformation

At Troesser & Co, we redefine the traditional M&A services by offering a suite of comprehensive services that go far beyond standard transaction/ process support. Our consulting boutique specializes in ensuring the success of M&A transactions through a holistic approach that combines structured M&A transaction know how with hands on consulting experiences solving any roadblocks until transaction closing.

Our Service Offering

We engage with clients early in the sell-side process, providing strategic advice for divestures and preparing companies for sale (e.g. via performance programs). This approach increases the attractiveness for buyers and maximizes the value for the selling shareholders. We support to determine the deal structure, compile the information memorandum, teaser and management presentation, conduct the company valuation (e.g. discounted cash flow (DCF), comparable company analysis, precedent transactions), prepare the data room, identify (long/short list) and approach potential investors, prepare the purchase contract and support negotiations.

We cover the entire process by developing an external growth strategy, identifying targets with the best strategic fit (markets, products, customers, operations, etc.) leading to maximum synergies for the buyer, approaching targets, conducting valuations and negotiations.

Our expert team manages all aspects of a due diligence, meticulously analyzing financial, commercial, digital and strategic aspects to identify potential risks (red flag analysis) and opportunities. Our analysis leads to a comprehensive report which contributes significantly to making profound management decisions and ensuring transaction success.

We conduct a professional evaluation to assess whether the terms of a planned transaction are fair with regard to various aspects. These aspects include analyzing the business plan, assessing the valuation/purchase price of the target company or assets and the form of consideration (cash, stock, etc.) as well as evaluating the risks associated with the transaction.

Recognizing the importance of post-transaction integration, we develop and implement tailored integration plans. Our implementation concepts are designed to align and optimize organization and processes, target and steering systems, culture, as well as streamline sales, operations, procurement, IT, management and administrative functions to realize envisaged synergies. Thereby we ensure a smooth transition, keeping and motivating both management team and workforce leading to long-term success of the combined entity.

We offer interim management services, providing leadership, ownership and expertise during the entire M&A transition period. Our team’s hands-on approach in managing day-to-day operations ensures continuity, fast decisions and drives value creation during and after the M&A process. We take on real responsibility!

Our boutique “DNA” allows us to offer highly personalized service, adapting our strategies to each client’s unique needs and objectives. This client-centric approach ensures that we deliver tailored solutions with maximum impact.